Just how efficient are ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans are famous for being an energy-efficient method of cooling air that can save the homeowners some money on the electricity bill. But are they really so efficient and if so, why?

What makes ceiling fans energy-efficient?

Ceiling fans are lauded for their power-efficiency. They use much less energy than typical air conditioners. Air conditioners usually use around 750 watts minimum and can go up to a few thousands depending on your setup. On the other hand, ceiling fans rarely go over 100 watts when it comes to power usage. This clearly shows that ceiling fans can cool down the air for a fraction of the cost it takes to run an air conditioner.

However, they cannot provide a cooling effect as quickly as air conditioners can. They also don‘t really cool down the room itself but rather provide relief from the heat only to the people inside the room. So if you want to have immediate cooling effects, or if you want a setup that can not only cool the air down but also heat up the room in colder months, then an air conditioner will probably be a better choice for you. Be aware, however, of the higher energy costs and much higher installation costs. For reviews of different models, see the Climatastic website.

Ceiling fans have a long history and modern models are quite different to the ones you can find in your grandparents’ house. If you want to get a ceiling fan, opt for a newer model rather than something from second-hand. Vintage ceiling fans might look cool but they definitely won’t give you any ‘coolness’. Modern ceiling fans do a much better job when it comes to saving on electricity and they also need to fulfil specific criteria in order to be considered ‘energy-efficient’. Reviews of the best ceiling fans will tell which model will suit your needs the most.

What are the rules of using a ceiling fan?

First and foremost, don’t run the ceiling fan if there are no people in the room. This should be obvious but unfortunately, many people still leave them on unattended for hours which contributes to wasting electricity and is overall harmful not only to your electricity bill but also the environment. Having a fan turned on won’t have any effect on the temperature in the room so there is absolutely no need to have switched on when you aren’t there.

Some people choose to combine air conditioning with ceiling fans which is also perfectly fine. The rule of thumb to remember, though, is to set the thermostat to a higher setting when the ceiling fans are turned on. The fans will provide air circulation that will boost the effects of air conditioner. So by adjusting the thermostat temperature you can make the whole setup slightly more energy-efficient but don’t hope for the same effect as if you were using just the ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are a great way to feel cool without spending a ton of money. They also make for a nicer interior decoration than regular air conditioners because they come in a ton of different designs. You can easily find a ceiling fan that will match your room.

Top Cappuccino Machines

Are you dreaming of a milky cup of heaven and tired of waiting in line at coffee shops to get it? Creating a barista-like hot, steamy beverage at home is everyone’s dream, yet few can succeed in the mission without some help from a machine.

These days, you can bet on cappuccino makers to at least rival the hand of a professional, and create in the comfort of your home a rich, savory cup of coffee. If you want to make an upgrade to your kitchen counter and provide yourself with a cappuccino machine, there are a few things to take into account before you take the cash out of your pockets.

First, research comes in handy prior to purchasing a coffee device. You want to know what features it provides, whether the customer reviews are positive, and the design to suit your taste. To give you a hand, we made a list of essential factors your next cappuccino machine should have:

Easy operating system. Spending too much time figuring out the functions of your coffee maker can be a tedious task. Look for devices that provide easy-to-use features and not too many buttons.

Cleanup facilities. Easy cleanup is the best perk of a machine when the last thing you want to pursue is scrubbing the recipients. Thus, easy cleanup facilities are a must for your purchase.

Milk frother. Maybe the central feature of a cappuccino machine is the milk frother. For you to get a mouth-watering, milky coffee a high-quality milk frother is indispensable. You want it to deliver a smooth texture to your beverage fast and without much noise.

Our top cappuccino maker alternatives

Here we provide you with two of the best cappuccino machines as listed by Coffee On Point. Their thorough reviews of cappuccino makers made it easy for us to choose the models that took the generation lead.

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker with Milk Frother. This model not only exceeds our design expectancies with its compact, yet fine style, but also provides high-end features that encompass all we could desire in a coffee machine. To start with, the device’s operating system is as easy as it can get. Thus, the coffee is only a button away from your cup! Moreover, the machine ejects by itself the capsule requiring little to no effort from your side. Regarding the frothing of the milk, the unit provides a silent and fast action that delivers a flavorsome, smooth taste to your beverage.

Keurig Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino maker. Maybe one of the most competitive models in the market, this machine delivers any sort of coffee you fancy. Cappuccino-wise, Keurig provides a high-quality frother that is dishwasher safe. Moreover, the design makes it possible for you to fit it even travel mugs to have your coffee on your way to the office. Regarding the operating system, the easy-to-use button control facilitates a quick action of the machine. Also, the device features an auto-off innovation that enables it to save energy when it’s not working.

Best Above Sink Dish Racks

Whether you are thinking of a kitchen makeover or want to equip yourself with the best kitchen tools from the beginning, above sink dish racks are a great item to bear in mind. Although they vary a lot through the structure, price, and vessel capacity, probably a perk that they all share is the space they save. In this manner, if your countertop doesn’t allow many appliances on display, an above sink dish rack might save your day.

Best Above Sink Dish Racks on Amazon

There are some prior considerations you have to make before surfing the internet and choosing the right product. For instance, you should determine the money you are willing to spend on such kitchen improvement and the space you want to sacrifice on the counter. It is highly important to note that above sink dish racks are usually designed for double sinks, and they don’t work that well above smaller ones. However, you can find on the market adjustable above sink dish racks to suit the expected dimensions.

Best price – HEOMU Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack. This is a single-tier durable dish rack with a stainless steel finish that ensures rust-resistance. Although the capacity of the rack is fairly limited, it can accommodate vessels, cups, and cutlery of varied dimensions. Regarding featured storage, the model provides additional hooks for cooking utensils storage on the sides for cutting boards and cutlery. Besides, there’s a shelf reserved for sponge and soap too. At a competitive price, HEOMU designed a dish rack with adjustable dimensions to suit the size of your sink.

Best accessories – PUSDON Over Sink Dish Drying Rack. With a premium stainless steel finish, this dish rack is sturdy enough to last you for years! It stands out through the well-thought storage supplies that make it simpler for you to organize your kitchen. The accessory pack provides a knife holder, a fruit and vegetable basket, a shaft for detergent and sponge, and 8 additional hooks for cooking utensils. Plus, the sides are equipped with both a cutlery holder and a cutting board rack. Regarding assembly, customers praise the smart design that requires little to no effort from your behalf.

Editor’s choice – Ace Teah Dish Drying Rack. This heavy-duty 2-tier dish rack guarantees longevity and sturdiness. With a stainless steel finish and anti-skidding rubber feet, the rack has a steady constitution. This is a large model that can uphold varied and numerous vessels, such as pans, plates, and bowls. The dish rack provides extended storage which consists of hooks for cooking utensils, chopstick holder, side storage for cutlery, a chopping board rack, and support for soap and sponge. At a reasonable price, this above sink dish rack is a sustainable tool that will serve you well in the years to come.